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About us

Our mission is to reduce the waste from throwaway drinks containers and to create re-usable drinks solutions that you will really want to carry with you all day long.

In pursuit of our aims of having fresh, tasty, portable water while keeping to both our wallets and the planet happy, in 2010 we decided to revisit the concept of bottled water because such a solution was nowhere to be found on the market!

We needed our bottle to be durable and re-usable. We refused to give way on style and design to the detriment of functionality. We wanted the water carried in our bottles to be the best that we had ever tasted. That´s what we wanted and now we've got it! That’s how bobble was born. Since then the bobble family has just kept on growing so that we can bring you coffee, tea and any at-home products in which the main idea is that flavour will always win over waste.

In 2017, bobble was acquired by O2Cool, a 25-year pioneer in portability, cooling and hydration and together we will continue to innovate and to create top quality products for active life-styles. 

The design and origin of the bobble

Meet Karim - one of the most outstanding and innovative designers of our generation. Do you know what else? He's the original designer of the bobble along with a number of other bobble products

In his view - "The brilliance of bobble is that it is totally universal, meeting global consumer needs - staying hydrated, saving money and the planet, and great design".

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